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Coordinate Your Life's Work.

Smartsheet and Evernote. Create, plan, and do. Together.

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Watch how teams use Evernote and Smartsheet to work together.

Turn Shared Ideas Into Action Plans

Coordinating your team just got a lot easier. Smartsheet and Evernote's seamless integration gives you the tools you need to create, plan and do. Use Evernote to capture your ideas, and Smartsheet to make them a reality.

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Meeting Notes to Detailed Plans

​Add Evernote action items to Smartsheet tasks, assign owners, and add due dates. It’s that easy.

Attach shared notes to Smartsheet tasks so every web clip, image, and detail is available in one place as your team works on the plan together.

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As Flexible As You Are

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Stay in sync

Real-time updates from your team on every device.

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Assign tasks

Add owners to every plan item, and track status.

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See your schedule

View your plan as a Gantt Chart or calendar.

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Update anywhere

Free mobile apps to view and edit plans on the go.

"I rely on both of these tools daily to manage my workflow— they're critical to my practice. Having them more tightly integrated is a great time saver and boost to efficiency."
—Marc Kaufman, Partner, Reed Smith LLP

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Marc Kaufman, Partner, Reed Smith LLP
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