Getting started for new free users

You've been invited as a free user to view or edit work in Smartsheet. With this quick start guide you’ll learn the basics to collaborate and manage your work.

Learn the Basics

Smartsheet looks like a spreadsheet with rows, columns, and formulas but it also has powerful, easy-to-use features that ensure nothing slips through the cracks, everyone is on the same page, and projects are delivered on time. It’s the best tool for you and your team to plan, track, execute, and report on your work.

Welcome to Smartsheet

As a free user, you can edit, view, or share work. Here’s a quick video to help you get started.

Smartsheet Dynamic Work Platform

Views bring progress to life

Visualize your work easily in Gantt, card, or calendar view. Smartsheet is flexible to fit your working style – however you accomplish your very best work.

Change views

Share, collaborate, connect

Sharing is at the core of Smartsheet, ensuring that internal and external stakeholders can see the latest information, updated by the right people, at the right time.

Launch Smartsheet

Work stays in context with attachments

Attach files in rows to keep everything in one place. You can upload contracts, photos, documents, and more directly, or use our integrations with Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive.

Attach files

No detail is lost with Conversations

Use Conversations to communicate with your team and keep one single source of truth. Document decisions, provide feedback, and capture updates alongside all the relevant pieces of your work.

Use Conversations

Level up your Smartsheet skills

In this free webinar, we’ll show you everything you can do as a free user and how your contribution results in powerful business solutions.

If you’d like to create and manage your own work, you’ll need to upgrade your account to a paid plan.

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Manage your work

Create your own sheet

Create a sheet

Collaborate on content with Proofing 

  • Proofing allows people to review, discuss, and collaborate on content.

  • Create review requests and manage approvals all in one place.

  • Keep a historical record of proof changes with visibility into previous versions.

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Automate work processes

  • Put simple and powerful automation workflow rules to work in a matter of minutes. 
  • Get reminders before tasks are due, prompt users to provide updates, and automate repetitive work steps.

Automate processes

Visualize your work

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Now that you know the fundamentals of Smartsheet, log in to contribute to the items shared to you. In order to create your own sheets or use our premium features like dashboards, Activity Log, Proofing, and automated actions available on select plans, make sure to upgrade and start a trial, request a license, or buy your own plan


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