Manage & Access Your Project Sheets Inside Google Drive

Smartsheet works seamlessly with Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage and collaboration service. Now from within Google Drive, you can create, update, organize and save your project sheets. It’s never been more convenient to manage your work - from anywhere, from any device.

Create, edit, and manage Smartsheets inside Google Drive.
Attach any file from Google Drive to your Smartsheet rows.

Increase Collaboration with Smartsheet and Google Drive

No more version control, no more lost emails. With Smartsheet and Google Drive, everyone has access to the same files, so you can instantly collaborate on tasks, attachments, and discussions, all in one central location. Choose the level of collaboration that works for you; you can either share your entire project or simply send a row with attachments to get a quick update. And, with the Smartsheet mobile app, you can access and collaborate on files with anyone, anywhere, and on any device. The result is real time collaboration that streamlines communication, empowers teams, and drives efficiencies.

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Attach Files from Google Drive to Specific Tasks

Attach any file stored in Drive (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and more) directly to individual tasks (rows) in your sheets. This keeps relevant information in the context of your projects. Your teams - colleagues, vendors, and clients - have all related project info at their fingertips. It’s collaboration the smart way.


Create New Project Sheets Inside Google Drive

Get more done with Smartsheet ‘living inside’ Google Drive. Sign in with your Google account, and your sheets are conveniently available right within Drive. You can create new Smartsheet projects, update them, organize, and save them in Drive. You have the freedom and flexibility to manage your projects and files how you want -- online, from any device, browser or platform.


Convert Excel and Project Files to Smartsheet Projects

With one click, you can open a Microsoft Excel or Project file and convert it to a collaborative worksheet in Smartsheet. You and your team instantly will be collaborating on project tasks, files, and discussions. It's a sure-fire way to turn dead-end spreadsheets into a super-powered projects!



Learn How Cypress Grove Chevre Uses Smartsheet and Google Apps

California-based Cypress Grove Chevre, makers of fine goat’s milk cheese, uses Smartsheet and Google Apps to collaborate more efficiently and improve productivity across departments. With this winning combination, creamery workers now have one central location to assign tasks and record communication. The sales and marketing teams are able to collaborate remotely by accessing Google Docs with their smartphones and tablets. And, with seamless collaboration, the team can focus on selling the best cheese in the world.

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See for yourself. Now integrated seamlessly into Google Drive, accessing and managing your Smartsheet projects is convenient and easy. Not only will you save time and energy managing your projects within Drive, you’ll be confident your work is safe, secure and always available.