Group Training - Launch Package

Smartsheet Training

Training How You Want It

Ensure your entire team has the same understanding of key Smartsheet skills and collaboration techniques so that collaborative work management can thrive.

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Group Training Packages

Launch Package

  • Designed to get you and your team quickly and effectively using Smartsheet
  • Consists of 2 hours of Smartsheet training & 6 hours of solutioning build and workflow optimization

Launch Pro

  • Our product experts will help you build and refine your optimal solution in Smartsheet
  • Consists of 6 hours of Smartsheet training & 10 hours of solutioning build and workflow optimization

Launch Live

  • Designed for teams with a combination of new and existing users who want both on-site training and hands-on coaching
  • Consists of 16 hours of onsite Smartsheet training & 16 hours of solution build and workflow optimization

Custom Training

Tailored Agendas

Our Product Trainers will work with your team to determine learning objectives and an agenda that works for any type of user.

Any Learning Style

No two teams are alike. That’s why we offer a variety of resources and formats, so you and your team can choose what works best.


Accelerate your impact with a training that is designed specifically for your process and solutions. Customized training means faster adoption.