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To help create an environment in which teaching, learning, and research thrive, educational institutions count on work management.

World-class institutions bring together funding, planning, people — and a host of other moving parts — to create educational experiences that change lives. That's why top schools use Smartsheet to plan, track, and automate work.

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Grant Application & Fulfillment Tracking

Track each application component and expense record, increase transparency around spending, and ensure that no deadline is missed or fund unused.

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Events Management

Boost efficiency and streamline planning, increase stakeholder confidence, and get teams out of emails and spreadsheets with an intuitive platform adopted by all.

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Student Success

Streamline campus tour intake and scheduling, seamlessly track attendance, and eliminate paper processes and redundant rework.

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Course Production

Create visibility into production progress, streamline collaboration with instructional designers, and accelerate output.

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Campus Maintenance

Quickly capture facilities issues, connect field staff with call centers, and improve campus safety and cleanliness.

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IT Infrastructure Management

Improve project tracking and program reporting, increase visibility to critical issues early, and streamline cross-departmental collaboration.

Empowering Educational Institutions to Get More Done



Self-service reports and dashboards provide real-time visibility into resources, status, and performance, so you can rapidly align operations to strategy.

Flexible Control

Flexible Control

Smartsheet gives you complete control to make changes or enforce structure for your collaborative work — no coding required.



Smartsheet’s familiar interfaces, designed for how people really work, lead to rapid and broad adoption across your organization.

One Platform, All of Your Work

From big-picture progress to detailed execution, Smartsheet helps education professionals focus on what matters most.

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