Accelerator for Events

By Smartsheet

The Smartsheet Accelerator for Events empowers cross-functional teams to align on strategy to consistently deliver successful, high-quality marketing events.

Quickly implement operational best practices for events

Whether or not you're hosting the event, stakeholders can easily submit requests, utilize automatically generated templates, monitor all the moving pieces, and report success

    Consistently Deliver Successful Events That Drive Business Forward

  • Stay Aligned throughout the Entire Process

    Make sure that everyone knows what the goals and desired outcomes are for events so that through the planning and creating process.

  • Monitor Real-Time Performance

    Easily understand the status of all the moving parts required for successful events.

  • Effortlessly Integrate with Other Systems

    Organize and collaborate on your event in Smartsheet. Easily integrate with systems already in place to sell tickets and more.

  • Replicate Processes with Ease

    Jumpstart your productivity by utilizing pre-built templates, workbacks and workflows instead of building from scratch.

  • Realize Impact

    Easily understand, show, and prove to leadership the impact that every event had on the business.