Accelerator for Marketing Shared Services

By Smartsheet

The Smartsheet Accelerator for Marketing Shared Services enables teams to transform the way they do work by improving their effectiveness as a partner and their efficiency in completing projects.

Quickly implement best practices for marketing shared services

Marketing shared services teams require technologies that establish standard operating procedures, increase communication between stakeholders, drive visibility of projects and priorities, and ladder up to show impact.

    Optimize and Align Marketing Shared Services Processes

  • Increase Effectiveness of Marketing and Creative Teams

    Re-engineer and standardize the content creation process to deliver superior projects, on time.

  • Seamlessly Collaborate and Complete Work

    Rather than bouncing between multiple purpose-built tools submit, proof, approve, track, and report on creative work all in the same place.

  • Intuitively Manage and Prioritize Marketing Requests

    Manage marketing requests using consistent intake and approval processes, so your team can stay on top of demand and correctly prioritize.

  • Increase Communication, Alignment, and Transparency of Projects

    Ensure that both employees and contractors are on the same page when it comes to marketing project goals, edits, and approvals.

  • Drive Marketing Clarity and Alignment Across the Business

    Executives and leadership can instantly visualize the impact and status of marketing programs and how they map to business priorities.

  • Maximize ROI with Platform Integrations

    Data Uploader and our flexible API ensure that the Smartsheet platform works for you and drives value.