SmartBluePrints: PMO

By Blue Globe Group

Deploy a multi-faceted Project Management Office (PMO) to manage multiple unique project portfolios.

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Your New PMO

Roll out your new PMO, or re-tool one that’s already running

This solution leverages a few Smartsheet premium products — Control Center, 10,000ft, and the Jira Connector — to provide portfolio, program, and project management capabilities for process improvement, agile IT, and standard IT projects.

Project lifecycle management


Take your projects from the project concept or proposal level through project approval, initiation, execution, and closure using SmartBluePrints: PMO's integrated technology with Smartsheet.

Control Center


Provision new projects, automatically map/ roll-up project types to the right portfolio, and automatically roll-up key portfolio metrics using Smartsheet Control Center.

Project dashboards


Use portfolio and project dashboards with all the granular project management components you need to get your multi-faceted PMO up and running quickly.

Portfolio dashboards

Portfolio dashboards provide summaries of project statuses with key metrics customized for each portfolio type and drill down capability across metrics, projects, risks, and issues.

Jira connection


Incorporate your agile IT projects that live in Jira with SmartBluePrints: PMO's portfolio structure that includes an agile portfolio dashboard with key sprint tracking.

How to get it:

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