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Daily Task Manager

Organize your daily to-dos by priority. Check an item as complete and it will strike through. Past due dates appear in red text, upcoming dates appear in yellow shading.
Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Daily Task Manager.

More Task & Checklist Templates

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Team Task List by Priority.

Team Task List by Priority

Keep your team on the same page and save time on status meetings. Move rows up or down to change priorities, get a quick visual status with red flags and green, yellow, or red balls.

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for To Do List and Project Monitor.

To Do List & Project Monitor

Keep track of multiple projects on one sheet, and percent complete on each task. Set flags on tasks, or a full Harvey ball to strike through a completed task. Past due tasks turn bold red.

Screenshot of Smartsheet template for Personal To Do List - by Priority.

Personal To Do List - by Priority

Simple checklist of prioritized to-do tasks. Set due date reminders, copy related discussions, attach documents to task rows. Check an item as done and a conditional formatting rule will strike it through.

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