Activity & History

Activity & History

The truth about what was changed, by whom, and when

Project Collaboration in Smartsheet
  • What Changed?

    Solve the mystery of what changed and what was there before
  • Filters

    Hone in on what you need by filtering by action type, person, and date range
  • Who and When?

    Know whom to follow up with by viewing who made a change and when

Work doesn't happen in a vacuum. It involves coordinating a lot of people. And with a lot of people you have the added challenge of tracking who’s working on what and what's changing. Activity Log is the single source of truth to see who viewed a sheet, report, or Sight™, what changes were made, and when those activities occurred. You can filter by action types, people, and date range to find exactly what you’re looking for.

For those times when you need to quickly see what's changed in an individual cell, you can view the Cell History. With a simple right-click, you'll see a list of all historical changes made to just that cell.