Admin Tools

Administrator Tools

Control at your fingertips

Administrator Tools in Smartsheet
  • Add Branding

    Add logos and set color themes for customized look
  • Manage Users

    Easily add/delete users, set access, view login history
  • Transfer Content

    Transfer sheets and reports to other licensed users

As the administrator for your Smartsheet account, you have the ability to add or remove users, transfer content (sheets) to others, determine which domains your team can collaborate with outside the company, view login access history, mobile access and much more.

Additionally, you can personalize the look and feel of your project sheets with colors and logos (e.g. you can feature your company logo, or a partner or clients’ logo on sheets you share with them).

Flags of countries with languages supported in Smartsheet

And, you can use Smartsheet in French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian and Italian by changing your personal language settings. Personalization options abound.