Introduce Smartsheet

And get rewarded for your good deed!


Anyone with a registered, active Smartsheet account can earn Referral Rewards for introducing new customers to Smartsheet.  Here are the details:

How big are the rewards?

  • Up to $500 per referral (one reward payment per referred subscriber)
  • We send you cash via PayPal when those you refer subscribe to a paid plan.
  Basic/Advanced Team Business Enterprise
Reward for a Monthly Plan Signup $ 15 $ 50 $ 100 -
Reward for an Annual Plan Signup $ 30 $ 100 $ 200 $ 500
       *All rewards are a one-time payment for each referral and do not recur.

There are two ways to earn credit:

  • A new subscriber enters your email address as the referral source when upgrading to a paid plan.


  • Someone creates a Smartsheet account after clicking a link with your Referral ID, then upgrades to a paid plan. 

Spread the Word via Email, Twitter, Facebook, or Blog

To find your Referral Rewards ID, click 'Spread the Word - Get Rewarded ' on the bottom right of the screen after you log in to Smartsheet. From the Rewards page, it's easy to send your referral link or get embed code for website badges. Each link is pre-built to automatically include your Rewards ID. 

For terms and conditions, please see the Referral Rewards Agreement or contact us.