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Smartsheet vs. Microsoft Project, according to thousands of customers

See how Smartsheet compares to top project management vendors like Airtable, Asana, monday.com, MS Project, and Trello in the latest G2 Grid® report.

✔ 92% of enterprise users rated Smartsheet 4 or 5 stars

✔ Smartsheet has a 96% satisfaction score, compared to 71% for Microsoft Project

✔ Smartsheet scores significantly higher than Microsoft Project in critical project management abilities like Gantt, time and expense tracking, and planning


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Smartsheet is among the very best resources for project managers to track and control tasks on a daily schedule.

Brian C., Product Manager, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

Better user experience

Effortlessly create and modify Gantt charts with Smartsheet.


Familiar grid format that's easy to use and configure. Reports, dashboards, and flexible views including Gantt support a broad set of use cases. Smartsheet is a more intuitive app that offers free training to ramp quickly.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is very complex and takes much longer to ramp and use the app effectively.

Smartsheet met our needs for a platform that would serve the whole company, including support of BYOD and mobility for employees. We've also proven that you don't always need a large-scale project management system. A spreadsheet-based system becomes powerful because it is easy for employees to use.

Nate McBride, CIO, AMAG

Easier reporting

Edit Smartsheet dashboards with drag and drop widgets.


Smartsheet reports are available to all users, and full dashboard functionality is available to business and enterprise plans without additional investment.

Microsoft Project offers some basic reports and dashboards, but advanced charts require higher paid licenses or a paid subscription to PowerBI.

It's been a tremendous help for me when I'm reporting to the executive team. I can easily show the task lists that demonstrate that the team has thought through every detail for each event. Plus anyone on the management team can drill down, and view documents at any time if they want to find out what we're doing.

Lisa Kudukis, Director of Professional Products and Services, BEHR

More integrations

Smartsheet integrations


Smartsheet has dozens of pre-built integrations, so you can easily connect all the tools you already use.

Microsoft Project has Native OData integration (only in the Premium SKU) and a limited selection of add-ins.

With Smartsheet for Jira now, all of our reports are in one place. It's really helped with a lot of the redundancy that I was facing.

Natalie Pohorski, Director of Production, Creative Kingdoms

Built-in automation

Smartsheet has an intuitive visual workflow builder.


Smartsheet allows you to automate updates, requests, reports, and other repetitive processes with automated workflows.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project offers some basic automated features like dependent dates but requires the addition of Microsoft Power Automate to create critical time-saving automations within Project and between tools.

Unlimited shareability


Smartsheet gives you unlimited free collaborators on all multi-user plans and visibility for anyone shared to a sheet, report, dashboard, or portal.

Microsoft Project users cannot share projects with non-paid users, limiting visibility and open communication.

Affordable pricing


Smartsheet is less expensive than Microsoft Project and only requires one application for all available features.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a more expensive app and typically requires multiple other Microsoft apps to get the same features as Smartsheet.

Introducing Smartsheet meant we could remove MS Project for all but a couple power users. We work smarter and saved $40K - $50K in MS Project licensing fees alone.

Karsten Kleinpeter, Director of IT Business Operations, QAD

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