Project Portfolio Management Made Easy

From task management to complex portfolio management, Smartsheet enables organizations to optimize planning, reduce redundancies, and improve visibility and collaboration.

Portfolio Management in Smartsheet

  • Project Execution
    Go from planning to project execution to reporting - in a system your users will love.

  • Project & Process Management
    Enforce consistent project governance while maintaining flexibility.

  • Process Automation
    Automate new project setup and approval processes.

  • Real-time Visibility
    Make data driven decisions with real time reports and dashboards.

Simple, powerful project management with Smartsheet. See for yourself.

Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform that allows teams and organizations to plan, manage, and report on projects, helping you move faster and achieve more. See Smartsheet in action.

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Common Customer Challenges:

Too little control over project execution and enforcement of standards.

Inconsistent Tracking

Teams that rely on tools like Excel and PowerPoint have no way to maintain consistency in execution.

Shifting Priorities

Changing employee roles and assignments, shifting goals, and rapid pace make prioritization a moving target.

Keeping Up with Change

New initiatives are added, best practices evolve, executives want to track additional details. Change is the only constant.

Lacking Reporting

Comparing projects and gaining insight into work status is impossible without the right information at the right time.

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Smartsheet Control Center

Smartsheet Control Center, a premium add-on product, allows you to deliver work at scale by setting up new projects and processes automatically, with greater consistency and reduced organizational risk.

Roll out business strategy, consistently
Unlike traditional approaches, Control Center helps to simplify the project lifecycle through consistency so your team can get work done faster.

Automate Portfolio Reporting
With consistent project information, Control Center helps remove the manual work involved in creating portfolio reports and summaries.

Manage Change at Scale
With Control Center, you can easily modify existing processes and quickly adapt to changing business requirements across your organization.

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