Make confident operational decisions with this powerful time tracking tool.

With Resource Management by Smartsheet, quickly view and act on critical data across your people and projects so you can maintain control amidst the speed and complexity of today’s work.

  • Resource Management

    With real-time reports and accurate data and context readily available, everyone across the organization is able to make better decisions, faster.

  • team alignment across work

    Enable a team-focused approach to project staffing with transparent reporting and status tracking, leading to stronger engagement and better project results.

  • Keep outcomes top-of-mind with both big picture and project level details, empowering team members to be proactive and independent, while remaining on the same page.

Improve resource management efforts and drive business efficiency.

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Dynamic resource planning

Find and schedule the best project team, resolve staffing conflicts in real time, and forecast hiring needs.


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Accurate budgeting

See how work is progressing and track planned vs. actual spend with project dashboards to keep your projects within budget.

Forecast utilization and staffing needs

Create placeholders based on role to pencil in project assignments and make accurate budget estimates. Forecast upcoming hiring needs with a utilization heat map.

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Easy time tracking

Keep team members focused on the work that matters with pre-filled timesheets that make it easy for them to submit, track, and edit hours spent on a project.

Interactive resource scheduling

Get a complete picture of all the moving parts by using availability sorting and custom filters to quickly see who’s available and make quick adjustments.

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Powerful reporting capabilities

Visualize complex data to spot trends, interpret performance across the business, and plan for organizational growth.


Cross-team collaboration

Share your work with team members and stakeholders in real time, from any device, to help make the best decisions, quickly.


Portfolio management

Confidently schedule projects based on your team’s capacity, and forecast the project pipeline to keep everyone in the know.

You're in good company

Over 1,100 companies across 46 different industries rely on Resource Management by Smartsheet to manage their teams across projects, accurately track time, and confidently forecast with real-time reporting.

Drive business forward with efficient time tracking and resource management.

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