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Smartsheet is an online, collaborative work execution platform that is better than Trello in scalability, reporting, support, security, and price. Start a free 30-day trial and see why 96% of customers recommend Smartsheet to colleagues.


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Better scalability

Multiple views to track important work


Smartsheet not only includes a Kanban view, but also has Gantt and grid views, reports, dashboards, forms, process automation, and activity logs to help you execute all types of work.


Trello is a lightweight Kanban tool that works for managing simple tasks but has limitations when solving for a broad range of work.

Smartsheet met our needs for a platform that would serve the whole company, including support of BYOD and mobility for employees. We've also proven that you don't always need a large-scale project management system. A spreadsheet-based system becomes powerful because it is easy for employees to use.

Nate McBride, CIO, AMAG

Better reporting

Edit Smartsheet dashboards with drag and drop widgets


You can collect data using simple online forms and then roll it up across Smartsheet items using reports and dashboards.


You can only track pre-set categories in Trello and it lacks the capability to provide reporting across boards.

It's been a tremendous help for me when I'm reporting to the executive team. I can easily show the task lists that demonstrate that the team has thought through every detail for each event. Plus anyone on the management team can drill down, and view documents at any time if they want to find out what we're doing.

Lisa Kudukis, Director of Professional Products and Services, BEHR

More support

Smartsheet training session

Smartsheet offers world-class support


Our world-class services team can help you create customized solutions to complex business problems.


Trello does not provide any services or consulting, and lacks customer success support. The only support available is a one-day response offering for Enterprise and Business plans.

The customer service we receive is outstanding.

Kelly Ospina, Marketing, Tremco Inc.

Rock-solid security

Privacy logos


Smartsheet has tools for enterprise provisioning, managing, and scaling, all while being HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR compliant.


Trello has limited Enterprise admin features and lacks critical HIPAA or SOC2 compliance.

Affordable pricing


Smartsheet can do what Trello does and much more at a comparable price. Get unlimited sheets, reports, dashboards, and free viewers included with all plans.


A paid Trello plan is required to manage users and be used at the enterprise level.

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