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Smartsheet empowers healthcare professionals to track, manage, and report on information by improving collaboration, ensuring secure data, and increasing visibility.


70% Less Email Helps Karyopharm Propel Clinical Tests & Trials

Karyopharm Therapeutics needed to streamline information related to their clinical trial operations. With multiple spreadsheets being passed around, they struggled with version control and lack of visibility.

Smartsheet provides an easy-to-use, scalable platform that ensures collaborators are shared to the correct information. With dashboards, they are able to provide team members and executive leadership with a holistic view of operations.

This real-time status into projects provides a full picture of where they are, which drives actionable results much faster than with their previous processes.

Oscar Gonzalez
Smartsheet not only allows me to visualize the entire program, but it gave me a purpose and a platform to optimize this company’s functionality in a way that I never thought was possible.

Oscar Gonzalez, Program Planning Manager, Karyopharm

University of Utah Health Improves Employee Onboarding Efficiency by 30%

At the University of Utah Health, the Revenue Cycle Support Services team needed a tool to better communicate and collaborate. The use of spreadsheets and email for onboarding workflows caused key information to fall through the cracks.

Streamlining these processes in Smartsheet allows the team to easily communicate important information across the organization. Forms and the Smartsheet mobile app enable them to quickly move processes forward, and automated alerts keep everyone in the loop.

With Smartsheet, University of Utah Health is able to close the information gap with their employees and collaborate in real time, increasing their team's accuracy and improving their process efficiency by 30 percent.

Shannon Lingwall
It was really quick and easy to start. It can be used for anything and you can find efficiencies anywhere. It really helped us cut through all of the red tape in getting approvals.

Shannon Lingwall, Revenue Cycle Manager, University of Utah Health

Aspen Medical International Scales Healthcare Operations Abroad

Aspen Medical International was faced with a challenge: an expansion of field operations and a 59% decrease in corporate resources. They had resource constraints and needed to evolve their business systems.

Smartsheet allows them to decentralize the decision-making process, increase visibility, and provides a collaborative work environment that empowers their field employees to make real-time decisions.

By formalizing processes across the business and improving access to information, it allows for real-time visibility into their field operations and gives Aspen Medical International the clarity they need to understand the health of their clinic operations.

Randy Cook
Stakeholder engagement is key. And the ease of bringing stakeholders in utilizing Smartsheet is just unparalleled. Not only bringing in the collaborators who do the work, but the stakeholders so they can see everything, provide resources, and free everyone up to focus on delivering solutions.

Randy Cook, Director of Operations & Market Development, Aspen Medical International

Built Secure. Approved For Healthcare Organizations.

Smartsheet is trusted by over 72% of the Fortune 500. That means we’ve passed some of the most demanding security reviews in the world, and we know what it takes to keep your information protected.

With a Business Associate Agreement with Smartsheet, you can securely share, store, and access PHI while meeting or exceeding all of HIPAA’s regulatory requirements.

We also provide full-service support to help you get Smartsheet through your organization’s approval process so you can start enjoying the benefits.

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