Keep Processes Moving Forward

Keep Processes Moving Forward

Accelerate your team’s output by automating key processes and workflows, like approvals and status updates.

Solution Spotlight: Project Kickoff Approval

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Turn Data Into Action Reduce errors and accelerate output with forms to collect consistent data, and automate approval and follow-up steps.

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No Coding Required Any business user can create, modify, and maintain automated approval workflows without help from IT.

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Keep Work Moving, On the Go Work progress doesn’t stop because you are away from your desk. Approve requests on the go from your mobile device.

With Smartsheet as our collaboration hub, we’ve streamlined processes, reduced time to market by 50 percent, and created an environment of shared responsibility that has truly enabled our teams to make better decisions.
Brad Martin, Chief Quality Officer, Extreme Networks
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Common Customer Challenges:

Re-work, wasted effort, and repetitive tasks

Building a Complete Picture is Hard

Work progress is scattered in emails and documents, and time is wasted tracking down progress.

Catching Errors in Information

Hunting down and resolving inaccuracies drains time and efficiency, and blocks innovation.

Users are Reliant on IT Availability

Business users require technical resources to create or change automation rules.

Tasks are Too Time-Consuming

It's hard to spot and eliminate bottlenecks in manual processes that drag down cycle time.

How to Achieve End-to-End Process Efficiency

collect data

Collect Consistent Data

Intake data using forms.

automate approval

Automate Approval Process

Create rules to trigger automated approval processes.

manage multi step

Manage Multi-Step Processes

Layer on automation rules to create process workflows.

live summaries

Create Live Summaries

Use Smartsheet Reports to create summary reports across sheets.

track progress

Track Progress, Make Better Business Decisions

Get a bird’s-eye view of your business with dashboards.