Operate at Scale

Operate Your Business at Scale

Manage large-scale initiatives with confidence and help your teams operate as a cohesive unit.

Solution Spotlight: Enterprise PMO

Go from strategic planning to project execution to portfolio reporting — in a system your users want to use.

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Accelerate Program Scale Drive consistency in execution with reduced operational risk, and enable your teams to iterate rapidly.

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Automate Consistent Processes Don’t live in silos. Create a seamless, connected project with program governance and automation.

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Eliminate Manual Steps Take the guesswork out of managing key projects with real-time insights and automated alerts.

“Rarely does something show up on your doorstep to make your life simpler. Smartsheet streamlined my team's processes, without adding effort. I got better-quality information, and was able to access and build off of their project information and data to my heart’s content.”
Marten Hutchison, Lead Innovation Manager
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Common Customer Challenges:

Too little control over project execution and enforcement of standards

Inconsistent Tracking

Teams that rely on tools like Excel and PowerPoint have no way to maintain consistency in execution.

Shifting Priorities

Changing employee roles and assignments, shifting goals, and rapid pace make prioritization a moving target.

Keeping Up with Change

New initiatives are added, best practices evolve, executives want to track additional details. Change is the only constant.

Lacking Reporting

Comparing projects and gaining insight into work status is impossible without the right information at the right time.

How to Manage Your Portfolio of Projects

Create a fully connected project and process management solution — without sacrificing flexibility.

demand management

Demand Management

Collect ideas, rate them, and approve the ones you want to implement.

project execution

Project Execution

Plan, collaborate, and execute projects consistently, assign resources, and track progress.

resource management

Resource Management

Know who is working on what, identify over-allocation, and manage spend.

portfolio reporting

Portfolio Reporting

Get self-service insights in real time, enable data-driven decisions with BI.

change management

Change Management

React to changing needs quickly, distribute best practices, and stay in control.