Speed Up Your Team

The ability to accelerate successful team execution is critical for leaders looking to keep their organizations competitive and profitable. To do this, business leaders must change how teams get work done and give teams the resources they need to quickly achieve business outcomes.

Read on to learn more about how you can speed up your team by rethinking how they work, giving them time to focus, encouraging collaboration, making sure meetings are meaningful, and removing yourself as the bottleneck to work execution.

Rethink How Your Team Works

To achieve quality results faster and with more efficiency, business leaders need to centralize information, improve accountability, and give stakeholders visibility into project stages and relevant processes.

Adopting a suitable work execution platform can help teams be more agile and speedy. The benefits are strategic alignment, maintaining a shared purpose, and tracking progress, deadlines, and other key information to complete projects.

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Give Them Time to Focus

These days, there is tremendous pressure on business leaders and their teams to make the right decisions faster. The best leaders nurture employee confidence by trusting them with managing their own workload and projects.

As a general rule, leaders who delegate and stay away from micromanagement empower their teams to execute faster and at a higher level. Once a leader sets the vision and their team focuses on work, they are free to create solutions for business challenges, as long as they are anchored to the overall business goals.

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Encourage Collaboration

Teams need to feel empowered to collaborate with each other, other stakeholders, and even customers and vendors. When teams are stuck in silos, they tend to resort to favoritism and struggle to innovate, causing the organization to suffer from misalignment and ineffective workflows.

Using a work execution platform that integrates with popular applications for communication, work management, cloud-based file storage, and software suites can help businesses stay productive. A platform that connects all of these disparate services makes it easier to coordinate work and shift between tasks.

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Make Meetings Meaningful

The cost of unproductive meetings can add up fast. However, there are several ways leaders, managers, and individual contributors can make sure meetings are worth their time. These include making sure everyone at the meeting is essential to the outcome, sending out an agenda beforehand, optimizing meeting length, starting and ending on time, limiting distractions (such as mobile devices and laptops), staying focused, and assigning tangible follow-up actions.

A robust work execution platform can help teams keep action items updated and adjust statuses in real time. It can also help teams better prepare for meetings, execute on project deliverables, and even determine if the meeting is necessary in the first place.

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Don’t Be the Bottleneck

Whether they know it or not, some leaders are guilty of impeding their teams’ progress. To avoid such common behavior, leaders need to get out of the way and empower teams and stakeholders to execute.

Embracing delegation, setting clear expectations, and re-evaluating existing work processes — especially inefficient ones — puts teams on the path for faster execution and success. In addition, it’s important for leaders to practice effective communication and time management, and connect with their teams on a regular basis.

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