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Visibility & Control

Gain access to extensive user controls and visibility into how your organization is using Smartsheet

Event Reporting

Event Reporting

Running your business processes — from team projects to strategic initiatives — on Smartsheet means that it’s critical to have detailed, enterprise-wide visibility into user activity. With Smartsheet Event Reporting, you can monitor user behavior, and view activity and actions taken within the Smartsheet platform. Event Reporting helps to ensure organizational compliance by letting you see the granular details of who is doing what in Smartsheet and when. You can quickly identify abnormal behavior and affirm that one of your company's most valuable assets — your data — is being used within the established guardrails.

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Global Security Controls

Smartsheet has extensive administrator controls available to allow you to manage and audit access, ownership, and usage. Some of the global security controls available today include account discovery, resource management, and custom user welcome screens. For detailed information on how to configure and manage global security controls and settings in Smartsheet, please visit our Global Account Settings help article.

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User Access & Authentication

Securing systems, applications, and data begins with identity-based access controls. The identity and access management features that are built into Smartsheet help protect your organizational and personal information from unauthorized access, while making it available to legitimate users whenever and wherever they need it. For detailed information on how to manage your authentication options in Smartsheet, please visit our Manage Your Authentication Options help article.

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Smartsheet offers a number of configuration controls that allow you to set up plans and users in a way that best supports your business objectives. Globally configure user types to designate what individuals can and can’t do with your Smartsheet account, automatically add users to an enterprise account with automated user provisioning, or adjust account settings for features and working days.

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It’s no secret that people across a single organization use Smartsheet in very different ways. Because every user isn’t the same, we give you the ability to grant user-based permission levels to make sure the right people have the appropriate level of access to the data and capabilities within Smartsheet. For detailed information on how to manage user permissions in Smartsheet, please visit our help article on this topic and download visual guides to get up to speed on how sharing works in Smartsheet.

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Reports & Visibility

As an IT or account administrator, you need visibility into how your users and organization are using Smartsheet. Smartsheet offers a number of standard and custom reports to give you the insight you need to audit and manage your users. Learn more about how to use the Activity Log feature and SysAdmin features like the Login History tab on the Account Administration form to view user activity data.