Revolutionizing Deep-Sea Exploration

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Revolutionizing Deep-Sea Exploration with Smartsheet


While space is touted as the final frontier, more people have visited space than the depths of the ocean. Stockton Rush and his company OceanGate are determined to change that.

By using Smartsheet to implement OceanGate’s ambitious plans for building deep-sea submersibles that will enable researchers and passengers to explore 98 percent of the ocean, they’re saving time, improving communication, and getting to market as fast as possible.

The familiar spreadsheet feel, coupled with the ability to access the information and collaborate with others, simplified and streamlined the design management process.

Smartsheet also made it easy for OceanGate to work with partners like the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Lab on projects required to create the submersibles. Smartsheet enables the large team of university departments and vendors, to share files, sync schedules, track milestones, and set automated reminders about deadlines during every step of this project.

Relying on tools like Smartsheet, along with the expertise of the university’s APL team, OceanGate is opening up a whole new and exciting world.