Leadership during challenging times: What lessons will we take with us?

by Chris Blessington

Even under the best of circumstances, business leaders are required to make quick decisions that impact entire organizations. But in challenging times like these, those decisions — and the speed with which they’re made — matter more than ever. In this time of rapid change and daily disruption, many leaders are leading with empathy as employees shift to the new dynamic work reality.   

Introducing: "Smarter Together: Leadership 1:1s" with Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader

In response to this shift and the current crisis, Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader is hosting "Smarter Together: Leadership 1:1s", an informal series of video conversations with business leaders who will share practical leadership lessons learned and experiences gained from navigating the challenges of today. 

The first video interview from this new series features Stacey Cunningham, President of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). She speaks with Mark about the unique challenges of managing the 227-year old institution through the COVID-19 pandemic and what she has done to adjust her leadership practices to meet challenging circumstances.

With many organizations working remotely, people need to have confidence in their team’s ability to go from hopping on a video call to getting work done. We’ve created some resources that can help keep your organization aligned, adapting, and getting it done. Learn more.