Project Management for Google Apps

Project Management for G Suite

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Project Management for Businesses of All Sizes

  • Work your way in a flexible spreadsheet format.
  • Manage any kind of work with one centralized tool that is seamlessly integrated with G Suite.
  • From individuals to enterprise companies, Smartsheet® is used to manage thousands of different types of projects.
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The Power of Collaboration with Google

  • Import/export to Google Spreadsheets
  • Sync project dates with Google Calendar
  • Access & store files in Google Drive
  • Embed workflows directly into Gmail
  • Use Google Hangouts to collaborate with others on your sheets

Integration with Gmail

  • Give emails context - Add an entire email as a comment directly to a specific row in a sheet.
  • Organize email attachments - Add some or all email attachments to a specific row in Smartsheet.
  • Create new rows from Gmail - Create new rows in Smartsheet from Gmail to add emails and attachments as needed.
  • Easy contact management - Import Google Contacts from Gmail to your Smartsheet account.
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Smartsheet & Google Project Management

See how to manage projects using Smartsheet and Google. To get more information on our integrations and see what is possible when using Smartsheet + Google for your projects visit our G Suite Integrations page. G Suite Integrations

Frequently asked questions about Smartsheet®

How easy is it to collaborate?

Using Google’s Single Sign On your team is instantly productive. Import your Google Contacts from Gmail so you can start collaborating on project tasks, files and discussions

What if I already have a project started?

No Problem. Import Microsoft Project, Excel, or a Google Sheet directly into Smartsheet and get up and going quickly.

Does it work with Google Docs?

You can attach Google Docs in Smartsheet and our Merge for Google Docs integration allows you to merge data into custom Google Doc templates in a snap.