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Smartsheet is an online work execution platform with a robust Kanban view that enables project managers to easily visualize and collaborate on workflows. Start a free 30-day trial and see why 96% of customers recommend Smartsheet to colleagues.

Kanban: A Simple Way to Manage Work

Kanban is Japanese for "visual sign" or "card." It is a visual framework that encourages small, incremental changes to your processes or workflows, and does not require specific set up or methods.

Kanban improves work performance by enabling teams to visually track work, identify blockers, and quickly update status.

Visual Project Tracking With an Online Kanban Board

Project Managers in every industry, across all departments use real-time Kanban boards in Smartsheet to manage work and improve processes and workflows. See how your team can use Kanban boards to improve work requests, product roadmaps, workflow management, goal tracking, and project planning.

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The intuitive Kanban view in Smartsheet is better than traditional Kanban tools in flexibility, reporting, automation, and security. Start a free 30-day trial and see why 96% of customers recommend Smartsheet to colleagues.

Increased Flexibility

Multiple views to track important work


In addition to the Kanban card view, Smartsheet has flexible views to display data including grid, Gantt, and calendar, allowing you to manage work how you want to.


Traditional Kanban software limits users to create projects in either list or board view, and cannot be modified or viewed in different formats.

Insightful Reporting

Edit Smartsheet dashboards with drag and drop widgets


Smartsheet reports and dashboards are fully customizable to roll up key information across projects.


Dashboard views in most Kanban tools are single-project only, and are not supported on mobile devices.

It's been a tremendous help for me when I'm reporting to the executive team. I can easily show the task lists that demonstrate that the team has thought through every detail for each event. Plus anyone on the management team can drill down, and view documents at any time if they want to find out what we're doing.

Lisa Kudukis, Director of Professional Products and Services, BEHR

Built-In Automation

Automate updates, requests, reports, and more with Smartsheet


The ability to not only track tasks but also to automate notifications and key workflows improves collaboration and drives engagement.


Kanban tools generally lack automation capabilities beyond integrations with third party workflow applications.

Rock-Solid Security

Privacy logos


Smartsheet has tools for enterprise provisioning, managing, and scaling, all while being HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR compliant.


Many simple Kanban tools have limited Enterprise admin features and lack critical HIPAA or SOC2 compliance.

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