Professional Services Automation

Speed up customer onboarding. Increase visibility on budgets & projects.

Solution Spotlight: Managing Customer Implementation Services

Create a connected experience for sales reps, consultants, and customers to increase satisfaction.


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Prioritize Onboarding Project Approvals with Transparency

Connect with Salesforce, automate service demand management, and create a project approval workflow — all without requiring help from IT.

Adapt Processes to Meet Customer Requirements

Dynamically configure projects as customer priorities change, and create customized reporting by documenting best practices for each product or practice.

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Provide Visibility For Your Customers and Your Team

Easy-to-configure dashboards and reports provide internal stakeholders and customers with insight into onboarding program status for fast and accurate decision-making.

I’m responsible for overseeing Salesforce and Oracle EBS. It got really fun when we started realizing how we could use Smartsheet to help connect all the systems together. This alone made an enormous impact, because prior to this, there was a tremendous amount of manual effort. It was taking several hours a week to get the data in Salesforce, combine it with other manual work, and create various reports.

Adam Kitzis, Director Business Systems, eResearch Technology Webinar July 17th 2017

Common Customer Challenges:

*Source: Smartsheet Survey, July 2017

Frequent Onboarding Project Delays

70% of customer onboarding projects are delivered late and over budget*.

Delays Lead to Cost Overruns

90% of costs from delays are absorbed by the service provider*.

Lack of Onboarding Program Visibility

Identifying how customers are progressing and spotting burning issues is a struggle.

Scope Creep Derailing Projects

Projects go off track when customers do not understand the impact of requested changes.

Streamline Internal Operations with Smartsheet

Significantly reduce program delays and associated costs.

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Connect with Salesforce

Automate customer and project data collection from Salesforce.


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Validate, Assess, and Approve

Add additional data, validate, research, interpret, review, and approve before initiating a project.

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Execute Consistently

Systematically generate projects with all components.

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Manage Customer Collaboration

Provide real-time visibility into customers' onboarding program status, significantly reducing status meetings and emails.

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Automate Client Reporting

Schedule regular notifications and reports, keeping all stakeholders informed.

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Portfolio Summary and Insights

Dashboards and reports provide timely insights into program performance.

Data Processing

Keep Evolving

Ongoing change management is simplified with global updates.

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