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From task management to complex portfolio management, Smartsheet enables project managers to streamline workflows, eliminate silos, and achieve more.

Benefits of Smartsheet

Clear Accountability

As a project manager, Smartsheet empowers you and your team to know what's getting done and by whom, increasing agility, speed, and accountability.

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See More, Manage More

With anytime, anywhere access and real-time dashboards, Smartsheet enables you to stay up to date on status and ensure no detail is missed.

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Deliver Work at Scale

Whether managing projects for marketing, sales, product development, or IT teams, Smartsheet scales to fit the needs of any department, across all industries.

Project Planning and Scheduling 

Easily visualize your projects with customizable Gantt capabilities.

  • Set up a Gantt chart with dependencies and a predecessor column to create a Critical Path.

  • Drag and drop to adjust start or end dates, or to build dependencies between tasks.

  • Quickly highlight the key tasks in your project timeline Critical Path, and see at a glance which tasks are affecting the project’s completion date.

  • Ideal for project management resources to visually track the duration of and relationships between tasks in a project.

Real-time Reporting

Reports are a powerful way to consolidate key information from multiple sheets into a single overview.

  • Manage and update work across multiple sheets.

  • Look across multiple projects and programs to quickly spot trends and emerging issues.

  • Share, send, and publish reports to keep teams in the loop.

  • Export to PDF, Excel, Google Sheets and more.


Give project owners, stakeholders, and leadership a robust, real-time view into the status of top KPIs, critical trends, and summary reports.

  • Rapidly adapt to changing conditions and identify trends with easy-to-use widgets that display live data, charts, and key metrics.

  • Easily customize to show and share what matters most.

  • Ideal for CIO dashboards, tracking portfolio health, KPI and revenue dashboards, monitoring financial performance, and more.

Automated Workflows

Implement simple yet powerful automated workflows in a matter of minutes.

  • Automate repetitive processes by sending alerts and requesting approvals and updates based on sheet changes and preset times.

  • Empower business users to automate their own workflows by combining multiple actions and conditional paths in an intuitive visual editor.

  • Set up recurring workflows such as weekly status requests and daily deadline reminders.

  • Respond to update requests and approval requests inside the desktop or mobile app, from email, or from messaging apps.

Smartsheet Work Execution Platform

Achieve more with Smartsheet

You need a way to work that works for you — and that can adapt as your tasks, projects, and programs change. Smartsheet enables real collaboration, gives you the information you need to be successful, and frees you up to innovate and drive better results.


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Smartsheet is the platform for organizational achievement.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, Smartsheet provides a real-time view of tasks across entire projects. That's why companies around the world rely on Smartsheet as their project management platform.


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