Apps & Integrations

Smartsheet works with many apps you already use. Supercharge your productivity with embedded integrations and partner-built solutions, or build your own with our open API.

Smartsheet for Android

Stay connected to your work wherever you go


Easily attach files stored in Box to your Smartsheet projects


Attach any files stored in Dropbox to your Smartsheet projects


Edit Smartsheet rows directly from inside your Gmail inbox

Google Apps

Seamless integration with Google Apps via SSO, Gmail, Calendar and Drive

Google Calendar

Keep an accurate, comprehensive view of your schedule with Smartsheet and Google Calendar

Google Chrome App

Launch Smartsheet from your desktop via the Google Apps Launcher

Google Drive

Attach Google Drive files to projects and access them from Smartsheet

Smartsheet Sync for Google Forms

Send Google Form responses directly to Smartsheet

Google Hangouts

Start a Google Hangout from within Smartsheet to collaborate in real time via video or chat

Smartsheet Merge for Google Docs

Create custom Google Docs from Smartsheet data


Export your time tracking data from Smartsheet to Harvest

iCal Calendar Sync

Export your Smartsheet calendar data via iCal

Smartsheet for iPhone and iPad

Stay connected to your work anywhere, anytime with the Smartsheet app for iPhone and iPad


Simplify email list management with MailChimp and Smartsheet


Easily plot location-based information from Smartsheet on a map


Simplify leads management with Marketo and Smartsheet


Keep your sales teams organized and on track with Smartsheet and Salesforce


Create your own custom form, survey, quiz or poll and import data into your Smartsheet account

Admin Tools

Command-line administrative tools for Smartsheet


Centralized enterprise-grade control of cloud apps for IT

Backup Tool

Backup your entire multi-user Smartsheet account


Recover from accidental deletions and overwrites through secure, automatic daily backups


Manage, secure and monitor all of your web-based software in one place


Easy-to-deploy cloud app single sign-on with centralized IT control via Active Directory


ClicData is a cloud based business intelligence application integrating Smartsheet

Data Tracker

Keep Smartsheet content updated with data from one or more external sources

Easy Insight

Easily build custom reports, dashboards and advanced metrics on and across your Smartsheet data


Copy new JIRA issues and updates to Smartsheet

Klipfolio Dashboard

Create compelling visuals of your Smartsheet data with a cloud-based business dashboard


Simple account & password manager for teams to create and share accounts with one click


Single sign-on access to any app or service


Single sign-on and identity management for cloud-based applications


Cloud-based Single sign-on and identity management


Export your Smartsheet data so you can analyze and review it in Tableau


Complete identity and access management environment

VMware Horizon

Cloud identity service layer for securing managed access to SaaS and web-based applications


Connect Smartsheet to over 250 web tools you already use without writing a single line of code