The Top 5 Smartsheet Apps for Marketers


Emily Esposito

- Feb 27, 2015

Smartsheet appsSocial media, email marketing, landing pages, blog writing, PR outreach -- marketers wear a lot of hats and are constantly juggling different projects with various teams. And, they’re always looking for tools and apps to simplify their marketing efforts. 

New GigaOM Report Uncovers the Future of Work Visualization


Mark Pendolino

- Feb 18, 2015

GigaOM visualization reportThe way we work is very disjointed. Emails, documents, chats, reports, and PowerPoint presentations don’t facilitate understanding; instead, they split valuable information about the way we work across dozens of tools. It’s a real challenge to get quick insights into what people are doing, and identify strategic trends and patterns at work.

How to Create a Project Timeline


Mark Pendolino

- Feb 12, 2015

The Gantt chart: It's a time-tested tool for visually representing the steps, assignments, and duration in any project. So when project owners or managers kick off a new project, they'll look to create a Gantt chart first. It’s a useful way to keep track of all the moving pieces.


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