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- Apr 24, 2012

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Today, Google added Drive to its suite of online business applications, and Smartsheet is already adding an extra gear to its transmission.  Google Drive has upped the ante for anywhere, any-device access to files in the cloud. In addition to sharing and syncing files, third-party software like Smartsheet can inter-operate inside Drive. Read the announcement.

Within Google Drive, Smartsheet feels like a seamless member of the Google Apps suite of tools. Smartsheet worksheets can be created, filed, and opened within Drive. In addition any Microsoft Project or Excel file can be opened and managed online with Smartsheet from within Drive.

Google Drive Screenshot

Drive is a next generation approach to integrating apps in the cloud. It goes beyond applications being aware of each other, to applications working well within each other. It’s a perfect complement to the integrations already available between Smartsheet and Google Apps.

Smartsheet Screenshot

We have a lot of customers who tell us Smartsheet has made their use of Google Docs more prevalent because it links work contextually with the files associated with it.  Drive should supercharge that relationship.  Booyha!

- Brent Frei


1. How can I see the old sheets in the GDrive file list? 2. When I create a new sheet from GDrive, I can see it in my list, but the file doesn't appear in the GDrive folder on my desktop. 3. When I deleted a (newly created) sheet using SS, the file wasn't deleted in the GDrive. Is this a bug? So far, I don't see this loose integration useful yet.

Hi! I can attach Drive files within Smartsheet but when I open my drive (the folder on my PC) I don't see the sheets there as seperate files/shortcuts to the web smartsheet just like GDocs (they are there). Do I need to do anything for these to appear?

It appears you had planned to enable us to add any Smartsheet to Google Drive. Do you still intend to do this? I would just like to see them along with my other documents.

I just wanted to say i love the idea and how it works

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