Smartsheet for Enterprise

Smartsheet Across the Enterprise

Smartsheet’s simple, secure and scalable approach to managing projects and processes wins the support of front-office users and IT teams alike.

Data Security and Availability

Smartsheet is a leader in delivering secure collaboration. Our data centers publish SOC 1, Type II reports in accordance with SSAE 16. Our solution features Safe Harbor Certification and provides easy-to-use configuration allowing you to fit Smartsheet to your security requirements. Learn more.

  • Single sign-on for managing access to Smartsheet as part of your corporate log-in credentials.
  • By invitation, permission-based controls for all collaboration.
  • Full data encryption at rest and in motion.
  • Data center backups and redundancy deliver guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
  • Configure file storage and accessibility options for users sharing documents.
  • Secure access across all devices.
  • Detailed auditing provides IT insight into data access and asset sharing across the collaboration experience.
  • Defined collaboration domains allow you to control what can be shared outside your organization.

Connectivity with Existing Systems

Smartsheet works alongside core business systems and cloud apps to close process gaps. Collaboration is secure and seamless, between systems as well as with others inside and outside your organization.

  • API: Built specifically to support Enterprise integration scenarios, Smartsheet provides a REST API for programmatic access to your data.
    (Smartsheet API Documentation and FAQs.)
  • Pre-built integrations to leading cloud apps: Smartsheet makes it easy to connect to other cloud-based apps like Google, Box, Salesforce, and Zimbra.
  • Cross-departmental plans, project roll-ups or master summaries are simple to create for collaboration and instant visibility across business systems.
  • Use Smartsheet as a platform to deliver microapps such as expense reporting, time sheets, budget tracking, and more.

Multi-Device, Multi-Platform Mobility

Users can access Smartsheet on the device of their choice, putting information — and the power to act upon it — at their fingertips from the office, at home, on the road, or anywhere in between.

  • Users get anytime, anywhere access to their work. The data is accessible on all their devices, and changes are immediately available to their collaborators.
  • IT gains new levels of insight into mobile usage and how content is shared.

Team Productivity

In one flexible tool, Smartsheet helps teams collaborate on projects, tasks, and business processes across your organization.

  • Centralize and collaborate: Smartsheet is a single, secure, online hub for all your work, bringing together data, documents, files, notes and discussion threads for easy reference and updating.
  • Automate processes: Smartsheet keeps teams on task and data up to date with automated workflows and information linked across sheets. Teams focus on their work, not updating status.
  • Intuitive, easy to use: Smartsheet is as easy to use as a spreadsheet, but with the power to do so much more.
  • Resource Management: Allocate resources with confidence with real-time visibility of team commitments.
Resource Management
A simple way to see who’s busy and who’s not. Learn More