Empowering Employees to Drive Innovation and Agility: A Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Pulse Survey


Organizations today face constant change and disruption. To maintain a competitive edge, businesses must unleash bottom-up innovation and find the right technology to empower teams to engage in dynamic work. 

This recent research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services can help business leaders better understand how to unleash agility amid disruption and cultivate employee innovation from the bottom up. Key highlights include:

  • 86% of organizations who strongly agree that their leadership entrusted teams with innovating prior to the pandemic also reported that they adapted well.
  • 80% of survey respondents agree that agile and innovative employees played a big part in ensuring business continuity and success during the pandemic’s disruption.
  • 50% say that their technology stack meets employees’ current needs well.

Read this report to explore how rethinking your business mindset — and your technology investments — can help employees thrive amid the pressures of today’s environment — and in the face of future disruptions.


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