Smartsheet + Brandfolder

Supercharge your content lifecycle

With Smartsheet + Brandfolder’s industry leading digital asset management platform, your team can manage work and content in a single place to deliver better customer experiences and maximize the impact of your content.

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McLaren Racing speeds up marketing operations with Smartsheet and Brandfolder

To bring a richer race experience to its partners and fans, McLaren Racing teamed up with Smartsheet and Brandfolder to streamline workflows - all in record time.


faster distribution of race day assets, tagged for searchability


of footage migrated and discoverable through centralized asset storage


brand assets tracked in real time for major marketing campaign

Brandfolder strategic plan dashboard

End-to-end visibility throughout your content lifecycle

Say goodbye to duplicate efforts and chaotic scrambles for content that don't align with strategy. Knowing the status of every project or detail that creative is driving engagement for can seem impossible. Let vision be your superpower with everything from intake and planning to performance tracked and measured under one roof.

Brandfolder collaboration

Align your collaborators from ideation to launch

Build your strategy and creative process in Smartsheet. Centralize intake and planning where work and collaboration happen to make sure everything is aligned and everyone is marching to the same drum. With everything in one place, you can spot and address trouble areas before they impact deadlines.

Brandfolder Workflows

Streamline workflows with easy approvals and asset delivery 

Simplify the review process with the ability to comment on, markup, and approve assets right within Smartsheet. Once approved, publish them to Brandfolder in just a few clicks, along with all of the important metadata, where they can be shared, distributed, and used over and over again.

Brandfolder Optimization

Optimize and iterate on campaigns and content 

With end-to-end visibility on team and asset performance you have the data you need to optimize and iterate. Know what's working and what's not. Prove your work’s impact and efficiency while continuously improving process, strategy, creativity, and effectiveness with data-driven insights.

Brandfolder integrates with that

Brandfolder is incredibly powerful as a stand-alone digital asset management system, but it's even better when integrated with your other tools. With pre-built integrations, you can connect with Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Hubspot, Hootsuite, Figma, Salsify, Seismic, and more.  Plus, with a developer-friendly API, your assets are at your fingertips no matter where you work.

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Get more out of Smartsheet with Brandfolder

Brandfolder digital asset management icon

Digital asset management

Easily store, manage, share, manipulate, and analyze assets across hundreds of formats, including 8K video, documents, images, and 3D renderings.


Single source of truth

Eliminate disjointed file storage, version conflicts, and file duplication. With Brandfolder as your single source of truth, your team can find the right assets linked in the context of your work plans. 


Control & governance

Never risk sharing unapproved or off-brand assets. Brandfolder permissions and version control makes tracking and managing expiring assets and file versions easier than ever. 


Measurement and analytics

Understand the impact of your assets with important data on file engagement. With Brandfolder and Smartsheet, you have end-to-end visibility on team and project performance. 

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Richer file metadata

Know more about the assets you use with established hierarchy and taxonomy.  Brandfolder helps you understand who created and approved an asset and why it was made with richer file metadata and AI tagging. 

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Team collaboration

Create threaded conversations with comments in a workspace, sheet, specific row, or piece of content to keep details and information in context.



Review and approve content by annotating directly on images and documents with markups and comments. Leave locational and time-stamped feedback on videos to improve collaboration among team members.


Smart CDN

Ensure that assets are always up-to-date across your channels.  And, improve engagement  with high-quality creative without sacrificing load times using Brandfolder's patented Smart CDN.

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