Powerful project management that puts people first

Empower your teams to work better, together, by bringing the right people, processes, and information onto a single platform with Smartsheet.

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60x faster project
set up time

Rackspace uses Smartsheet templates
to spin up projects on the go

70% increase in

Dell Boomi automates processes to support
expansive business growth

4,000+ person hours
saved a year

Cisco cuts down manual effort and drives
efficiencies across 100s of projects

Deliver projects like a pro

Your projects may be complex, but your project management tools don’t have to be. Combine a rich set of features with flexibility, simplicity, and ease of use to deliver complex projects quickly, while creating meaningful experiences for your customers.

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Smarter work, successful projects

Unite people behind a common goal. With Smartsheet, everyone can work and collaborate in real-time, making it easy to understand project progress and better contribute to the project’s overall success.

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All your work on one platform

Consolidate your toolset, eliminate siloed and legacy approaches, and leverage a single platform for all your work – every project, person, and process.

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Why choose Smartsheet?

Don’t take our word for it. Smartsheet is the #1 project management software on G2.
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Effortlessly integrate with the platforms and services that you already use. Use Smartsheet’s out-of-the-box integrations with Slack, Google Workspace, Jira, and Microsoft Teams to bring all your information and context onto a single platform – Smartsheet. Whatever work you do, use Smartsheet to deliver it with greater efficiency.

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Smartsheet powers a modern way of managing projects by focusing on the work people do – regardless of the type, methodology, or process. Support hybrid work using a flexible platform that drives better communication, collaboration, and processes that scale, all built to empower individuals and teams.

  • Use a customizable platform that puts people first
  • Eliminate repetitive, manual processes with automation
  • Create a seamless collaboration experience to work smarter and improve visibility
  • Standardize and scale work for success


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Project Planning

Build project plans and break down projects by task to better understand the work that needs to be done. Stay on top of critical dependencies and work the way you want using Gantt, Kanban boards, Card and Grid views. Track variations between planning and execution effortlessly.

Resource Management

Manage your resources more effectively with project-specific and cross-project resource views and heatmaps. Allocate resources across projects so that your people can work on multiple projects or tasks at any given time.

Budget Management

Stay in control of your project budget by creating and tracking budgets by time, currency, or expense type. Stop budget creep by continuously monitoring cost thresholds and overruns, and optimize budgets across projects. 

Project Management

Manage everything from simple tasks to complex projects on one platform. Standardize project structure and processes to make them repeatable. Gain granular control and visibility by breaking down projects into tasks, sub-tasks, task relationships, milestones, and critical paths.

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Project Delivery

Everything is a project and everyone is a project manager. Align diverse teams on a unified platform, empowering everyone to work, innovate, and deliver projects successfully – together. Power your processes and your people.


Analytics & Reporting

Roll up key metrics and project information using real-time dashboards so everyone has access to the right information, at the right time. Consolidate data in real-time across multiple sheets into a single view. Generate, share, and publish reports, using data from multiple sheets. 

Workflow Automation

Implement simple yet powerful automated workflows in a matter of minutes to eliminate time spent on repetitive tasks. Set up recurring or condition-based workflows that run automatically, or at regular intervals. 

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Scale Projects to Programs & Portfolios

Standardize project structure and processes with templates and automate project creation and reporting. Streamline and scale even complex workflows for effortlessly scaling projects to programs and portfolios


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