Free Mutual-Action Plan and Sales Close Plan Templates

By Kate Eby | April 18, 2023

An effective mutual-action plan (MAP) provides clarity, reduces risks, and holds stakeholders accountable. We’ve created free mutual-action plan templates in Excel and Google Sheets to save you time while boosting your sales process.

On this page, you’ll find multiple MAP templates, including a mutual-action plan template with a visual timeline. You’ll also learn how to use a mutual-action plan template.

Mutual-Action Plan Template with Feedback for Google Sheets

Mutual-Action Plan Template with Feedback Google Sheet

Download the Mutual-Action Plan Template with Feedback for Google Sheets

This mutual-action plan template in Google Sheets format is easy for sharing. The template includes a section for customer feedback to encourage collaboration as an ongoing process, not just during status meetings. The shared action plan serves as a roadmap and communication tool between customer and seller. 

Start your shared action plan with a value statement to remind your prospective customer of the value your solution provides for their organization. Complete the columns for task descriptions, as well as assigned owners from seller and customer teams for each task, and then check the corresponding boxes to mark items you’ve completed. List tasks under each project phase, and use the drop-down menu to select a status for each task. Add the name and role of stakeholders from each team, and list key dates at the top of the template to track target closing or go-live date.

Example Mutual-Action Plan Template with Timeline for Excel

Example Mutual-Action Plan Template with Timeline

Download the Example Mutual-Action Plan Template with Timeline for Excel
Download the Blank Mutual-Action Plan Template with Timeline for Excel

This Excel mutual-action plan template provides a visual timeline with milestones. Download the example version to view a list of milestones and a sample timeline. Enter the action items you mutually agreed upon, along with deadlines and owners, into the spreadsheet section. The template uses your data to populate the timeline, offering a snapshot of your schedule. In the comment section, you can document changes, approvals, resources, and other information.

What Is a Mutual-Action Plan Template?

A mutual-action plan template is a preformatted document for creating a shared plan of action between a sales team and prospective buyer. As the acronym suggests, a MAP identifies the steps required to reach mutual success for both parties. 

A mutual action plan is also referred to as a mutual close plan, mutual success plan, mutually agreed action plan, joint execution plan, and sales close plan. You can use an action plan template to identify items you’ll add to a MAP. A sales close plan can also be an internal document that a sales team uses to outline steps toward closing a deal.

Regardless of what the MAP is called, it is typically created by a sales team and shared with the buyer as a document or shared spreadsheet. Both sides weigh in on the plan to ensure that it is mutual and all stakeholders have clarity about roles, timelines, and deliverables, as well as a shared understanding of success.

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How to Use a Mutual-Action Plan Template

To use a mutual-action plan template, download one from above and customize it to fit your specific needs. Add high-level details, then share the MAP with the customer team to collaborate on creating and executing the plan. 

Here are instructions for using this page’s mutual-action plan template with feedback:

1. Download and Open the Mutual-Action Plan Template with Feedback for Google Sheets

Save the template to your Google Drive with a unique title.

2. Write a Value Statement

  1. Enter your value statement in the section provided at the top of the template. 
  2. Enter target start and end dates to track overall project status.
    MAP Template Value Statement

3. Add Team Info

List stakeholders for the buyer and seller teams, including the name, role, contact details, and additional information for each party.

MAP Template Stakeholder Teams

4. Plan Project Phases

  1. For each phase, click on the cell under the Task Name column and enter an item to be completed.
  2. Click the corresponding cell under Description to enter more task details. 
  3. Under the Owner (Seller) column, click on the cell to enter who is responsible for the task from seller and buyer teams. 
  4. Click on the cell under Status and use the drop-down menu to update the task status (On Hold, Overdue, Approved, Needs Review, Complete, In Progress, and Not Started). 
  5. Enter due dates in the corresponding cells. Use the drop-down menu in the Complete? Yes / No to mark the task as complete.
    MAP Template Plan Phases

5. Share the Template with the Buyer Team

The buyer can use the customer feedback column for ongoing shared communication.

MAP Template Buyer Feedback

To ensure that the MAP is truly mutual, the seller and buyer should co-author the document. The seller should initiate the process and focus on the value gained by the buyer, not just the close date. Make sure everyone is aligned about what problem you are trying to solve and how to do so. 


The information and level of detail in a MAP will vary but should always identify who is responsible for what actions and when they need to be completed. Use the mutual-action plan template throughout the buying process — from initial meeting to onboarding — and update it regularly to keep everyone on track.

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