Smartsheet University Private Training

Smartsheet University's Private Training is your opportunity to get the most bespoke product learning experience for your team.

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Enrolling individual contributors into new systems or processes can be difficult. Your chance of success can decrease with geographic diversity and different departmental priorities.  With a Private Training engagement, our professional trainers work with you to create a shared training experience so that your team can gain more knowledge, more experience, and align to common standards at the same time.  

Drawing from years of experience and passion, our trainers create and deliver training programs that include the "why", as well as the "how". All sessions are hands-on training with activities unique to your team’s training needs.

Package details

  • Option for remote or onsite training for up to 25 people
  • 2 days of Smartsheet training (can increase depending on scope)
  • Pre-training agenda building and preparation
  • If needed, solution review and upskill
  • Training offered in German and English
  • Training can accommodate multiple teams and time zones

Example training topics

  • Existing Smartsheet solutions you already have access to
  • Increasing the depth or breadth of Smartsheet knowledge within your organization
  • Train the trainer
  • Advance Capabilities including Resource Management by Smartsheet
  • End-user training
  • Private offering of a public Smartsheet University Multi-Day classes

NOTE: Package hours must be held within 90 days of purchase.
* Examples of what is possible with this package.