Enterprise Plan Manager

Local billing/purchasing meets global IT controls


Enterprise Plan Manager

Enterprise Plan Manager (EPM) unlocks company-wide adoption of Smartsheet for multi-plan customers by allowing organizations to centrally manage multiple plans while maintaining individual teams’ granular control over their plan and billing.

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Less Hassle. More Control.

Enterprise Plan Manager (EPM) offers IT Admins the means to manage multiple Smartsheet Enterprise accounts in a seamless, centralized and secure way. 

With increasing company-wide adoption of Smartsheet for key business processes and projects, customers want to ensure that their use of Smartsheet is governed by their organization’s IT policies. EPM helps address the needs of organizations with decentralized billing and license management processes while providing essential controls for  corporate IT.

Plan-level billing meets global account management

Plan-level billing

Configure your billing structure the way that works best for your organization and allow managed plans to adopt the capabilities they need to get the job done.

Onboarding made easy

Enable System Admins to validate all of your domains, discover all the plans that exist across the company, and bring them all under IT purview.

Global authentication

Set up a common SAML SSO login across all your plans so that if an employee leaves the org, their access can be globally restricted.

resource management

Automated user management

Enable user auto provisioning to work across multiple plans for seamless user management.

Global safe sharing lists

Safe sharing lists allow your organization to define approved domains for external collaboration. With EPM, IT can maintain a single, centralized safe sharing list for your company, and the same permissions will be automatically enforced across plans.

Centralized Publishing Controls

Implement controls across plans that govern whether users are allowed to publish sheets, reports, or dashboards for consumption by stakeholders without a Smartsheet login.

Manage plans_all status

Manage Plan View

Quickly gain insight into your entire portfolio of Smartsheet Enterprise users based on the domains you validate. 

Keep track of each of the main contacts for all of your plans and centrally access contact information for quick communication.

Check the status of all plans discovered through domain validation and seamlessly pull them under your main plans purview.

Configure a user movement policy so users are added to the correct plan based on their user meta data.