Webex by Cisco

Securely meet, discuss, and collaborate in real-time.

The Smartsheet integration for Webex improves visibility and collaboration by combining communication and work platforms, allowing teams to communicate and work without switching context. With this integration, you can securely meet, discuss, and collaborate in real-time.

Use Smartsheet within your Webex spaces to collaborate with your team without switching context.

Share your Smartsheet assets during Webex meetings and make updates with all of the stakeholders in real-time.

Key Features

Embedded app

Collaborate in real-time by embedding your Smartsheet assets within your Webex meetings and Webex spaces.

Alerts & Notifications

Accelerate team execution and save valuable time when you get notified of changes in your sheets


Manage access that collaborators have with your data — with your Smartsheet and Webex accounts

How to get it:

To get started, in the Webex messaging spaces, simply click on the +Apps. Contact your organization admin to ensure Apps->Tabs is enabled in Control Hub if you don’t see the +Apps option.

To use this integration, you need to have a Webex account and a Smartsheet account, free or paid.