Miro for Smartsheet

Combining the flexibility of a virtual whiteboard with the work management and automation capabilities of the Smartsheet platform. 

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Build automated workflows from a canvas of ideas

Unlock your team’s full creative potential by enabling different types of collaboration methods that work together in a seamless way, cutting down on the back and forth. Jump directly from collaborating in Miro to building intelligent workflows, managing content, and automating tasks with Smartsheet. 

Miro integration for Smartsheet

Convert Sticky Notes

Convert sticky notes in Miro to rows in a new or existing sheet within Smartsheet


Screenshot of Miro integration

Import Rows

Import rows from Smartsheet to a Miro board as cards

Miro integration for Smartsheet

Two-Way Sync

Update work in both Miro and Smartsheet with two-way sync

How to get it:

The Miro for Smartsheet integration is available from Miro Marketplace.

Find Smartsheet for Miro and click Get app. You will be redirected to the page to select the team to which you want to add the Smartsheet app. Choose the team in the picker and click Install & authorize. You can also install Smartsheet from within a Miro board by finding the app on the toolbar and clicking Add

For additional information, visit the Miro Help Center