UiPath for Smartsheet

UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with capabilities that help companies accelerate digital transformation and drive impact at scale.

Automate workflows in minutes and save hours of repetitive tasks

UiPath offers the industry’s best user interface (UI) automation, enterprise-grade API-based automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) – all in a single platform. Native API-based integration between the UiPath Platform and Smartsheet helps Smartsheet users automate end-to-end processes in and around Smartsheet.

UiPath Screenshot
  • UiPath software robots free your employees from mundane, time-consuming project and data management tasks. Robots collaborate on sheets, update projects, access attachments, update comments and share Smartsheet information across teams – so your people can focus on higher-value work.

  • Unlock information silos and reduce human errors by automating swivel chair operations between Smartsheet and virtually any other system. The UiPath integration with Smartsheet lets you easily automate multi-system, complex, end-to-end processes not just in Smartsheet, but across all the systems you use today. UiPath offers robust native integrations with enterprise applications companies use today, as well as industry-leading UI automation to automate across any system or environment, including legacy applications.

  • Deploy and manage automations, regardless of complexity, without need for invasive implementation or costly, bespoke integrations.

Key Features

  • Native ability to create, update and manage sheets and rows.
  • Easily interact with and manage other Smartsheet components including attachments, comments, folders, groups, users, and workspaces.
  • Import CSV and Excel files directly into Smartsheet natively.
  • Simple paths to search across Smartsheet, share objects, and send Smartsheet objects via email.
  • Native support to call any of the nearly 200 public API methods via WYSIWYG configuration.

How to get it:

Activity pack installation and setup how-to

The UiPath Activity for Smartsheet is available on UiPath Marketplace or in UiPath Studio. You must have an active license for both UiPath Studio and Smartsheet.

Step-by-step instructions

Read the complete instructions for how to install and set up the UiPath Activity Pack for UiPath.