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Combine work and communications to accomplish more, faster.


Connect Smartsheet to Workplace by Facebook


Create an Alert in Smartsheet.

Get Notified!

Get notifications in Workplace desktop or mobile.

Approve Requests!

Approve requests and provide updates from Workplace.

Combine work and communications to accomplish more, faster. Now, users can receive and reply to Smartsheet notifications, updates, and requests without leaving Workplace. Eliminate silos, improve visibility and accelerate your team’s work by getting real-time work updates sent directly to your communications hub. Users save time and get more work done while staying in context of the communications around the work.

Key Features

  • Changes in Smartsheet, sharing notifications, update requests, approval requests, and reminders may now be delivered to Workplace Chat (part of Workplace by Facebook).
  • The message recipient (in Workplace) has the ability to respond to the request, set a reminder, or view the notification in Smartsheet for more detail.
  • All Smartsheet notifications in Workplace contain a link to Smartsheet via “View in Smartsheet” button; Single row notifications contain a row link and multiple row notifications contain a sheet link.
  • Users can adjust their preference for where Smartsheet messages are sent in Personal Settings -> Notifications so they can receive them in Workplace.

How to get it:

To receive notifications, requests, and reminders in Workplace, go to the Workplace Directory and install the integration. If you are not the admin for Workplace, you will need to ask your admin to authorize it.

For current Workplace customers, visit the Workplace Directory or type 'Smartsheet' in the search bar in Workplace Chat.

Not a Workplace customer? Learn more or start a free trial here