McAfee MVISION Cloud for Smartsheet

Add McAfee security to your Smartsheet instance quickly and easily. Use the Data Loss Prevention engine from MVISION Cloud help you find sensitive data. Analyze Smartsheet audit trail logs to identify insider threats and compromised accounts.

Identify sensitive data and threats within your Smartsheet environments

Smartsheet enterprise customers benefit significantly from MVISION Cloud’s support. Visibility of user activity, threats and sensitive data give users a chance to further entrench their business processes in a cloud app they want to use. Adding security tools to an enterprise platform like Smartsheet reduces overall risk and gives organizations the confidence to more deeply depend on their critical cloud services.

Improve visibility

Gain greater visibility of data that's entered into Smartsheet.

Identify threats

Identify threats such as insiders, compromised accounts, and anomalous behavior.

Ensure collaboration

Assure proper collaboration and sharing of important Smartsheet content.

How to get it:

New and existing McAfee customers please contact to enable this solution for your Smartsheet instance. You may also visit McAfee's Smartsheet integration page.