Smartsheet Platform

Bridge by Smartsheet

Automate business processes your way with Bridge by Smartsheet

Create flexible workflows that fit your business processes in a low-code interface for simple, powerful process automation.

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Drag-and-drop interface

Easily add workflow blocks to build out powerful workflows.

Event & schedule-based triggers

Create workflows that run off the event or schedule-based triggers that need to kick off your work.

Branching logic

Customize your workflow logic to fit a process flow as complex as you need it to be.

HTTP calls, API calls, and JavaScript

Utilize the pre-built integrations within Bridge or our low-code options for leveraging API & HTTP calls and JavaScript.

Key benefits

Flexible, customizable workflows

Build workflows that work for you, the way you’d like them to work.

Scale with automation

Automate your business processes with Bridge workflows to eliminate manual work and operate efficiently at scale.


Intuitive user interface

Empower users by enabling them to create workflows without advanced technical assistance. 

Flexible automation for the Smartsheet ecosystem

Take your Smartsheet environment to the next level with automations across Smartsheet and Resource Management by Smartsheet  for simpler account administration and solution management.

Bridge Integrations

Google Translate

Allow multilingual teams to work more effectively by removing communication barriers in their content


The ServiceNow integration in Bridge enables users to create complex automated workflows to manage records in their ServiceNow instance and connect actions taken in ServiceNow to other systems. 

Microsoft Sharepoint logo


The SharePoint Bridge integration will enable users to trigger workflows from a change in a SharePoint List. List items can also be created, updated, and deleted from an external system such as from a sheet in Smartsheet.

We were able to take our implementation team’s automated emails outside of Salesforce and move into Bridge through the use of an API with SendGrid. This has saved us time and allowed us to accelerate process improvements and process changes, by eliminating the need to go through our Salesforce Administrator and various approval stages. As a result, we can continue to scale and optimize our team’s workflow.

Rachel Schiele, Director, Professional Services & Customer Success at Motus