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WorkApps preview

Streamline your work and simplify collaboration with easy-to-navigate apps built directly from your sheets, forms, dashboards, reports, and more.

Achieve more, faster by building easy-to-navigate apps

With WorkApps, you can build easy-to-navigate apps in a few minutes using Smartsheet and external content like Tableau dashboards or Google Docs, all without writing a single line of code.

  • Streamline your work

  • Purpose-built solutions to meet your unique needs

  • Tailor experiences for your team members

  • Personalize with branding

  • Scale with enterprise-grade security

I have been waiting for a solution like WorkApps that can give us quick and easy access to the content we need, when and where we need it. The ability to take our Smartsheet assets, along with other tools we use, and package an entire solution in an intuitive app will make it even easier to drive active participation from everyone involved in the process, no matter their role.

Hina Patel, Director of Sales Operations at Cisco

A note about the preview

  • During the WorkApps preview period, you can build and customize apps to meet your business needs, and then share them with your coworkers.*
  • After the preview period ends, you will still own your underlying Smartsheet data — your sheets, reports, dashboards, and forms — that make up your solution.
  • When WorkApps becomes generally available in early January, it will continue to be available for customers on an Enterprise or Premier Plan. Additional charges may apply for certain user types at that time.

*You must be a licensed user on a Business Plan or higher to participate in the preview period.

Curious about the WorkApps preview?