Construction and Engineering

Unite construction teams through real-time collaboration.

  • Field operations

  • Quality control

  • Safety management

  • Scheduling

  • Budget management

Easier to use, faster time-to-value

Constructing a building, bridge, or road requires hard work. Using your work management platform shouldn’t. With a familiar interface on any device, integration options including Procore and Primavera P6, and a free collaborator model that doesn’t require licensing for external vendors, you can garner broader adoption without the need for intense training or upskilling.

Eliminate friction in the construction project lifecycle.

From pre-construction to closeout, connect your office and field teams, sub-contractors, consultants, inspectors, and other stakeholders to a holistic view of projects that makes it easier to coordinate work in real time and make informed decisions. By having complete project visibility, you can reduce safety hazards, create clear ownership, reduce redundancies, and create more accurate schedules with clear accountabilities.


Supercharge collaboration

Supercharge collaboration with the only construction tool that complements the people, processes, and technology you already have in place – easily.

Access real-time data anywhere

Mobile workflows allow teams to have access to and act on real-time information from anywhere — from schedule updates to safety incidents.


Automate schedule and work

Experience zero defects with intuitive scheduling and automation that results in more projects staying on time and on budget.

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Deploy, integrate, and scale

Grow your business without outgrowing your technology – or your wallet – with affordable, quick-start solutions for construction management projects.

Integrate with the solutions you already trust and love.

Smartsheet is powerful on its own, but it can also be used to get more out of your existing systems. Whether it’s Procore, Primavera P6, or a proprietary tool, Smartsheet can connect with and extend the software you use today to fill in scheduling and reporting gaps, or loop in departments such as Legal, Finance, or HR.



Smartsheet offers a wide range of integrations to support construction management activities, working with trusted and popular solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Box, Dropbox, DocuSign, and more. 

Bi-directional connectors

Get your favorite solutions to share data back and forth, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Stay connected, no matter what apps you’re using – in the field or in the office.


Open API

Supercharge your existing software or innovate with Smartsheet beyond the easy configurations. With our open API platform, IT and development teams can tailor Smartsheet for your custom project needs.

Templates for construction

Get up and running more quickly with customizable Smartsheet templates built specifically for construction budgeting, estimating, scheduling, and management.

Explore Smartsheet construction solutions

Automate the way you work today.

Reduce the amount of time it takes for things like approvals or project updates, which can cause costly delays. Smartsheet can automate requests and alerts, so clients and workers alike get the information they need in real time, with less effort.


Turn data into action.

Data can be pulled in from past projects to better inform current or future ones. The result? Better estimates, budgeting, safety performance, and ultimately, profit.

Demand Management

Grow your business without outgrowing your technology.

One of the largest pain points in the construction industry is the ability to adopt software across teams. Whether you’re a team of five or ten thousand, Smartsheet offers the flexibility and integrations to grow as you grow.

Webinar: Connect Teams Across the Construction Lifecycle

Join us along with guest John Kenney, COO of Sutter Roofing, to learn how Smartsheet can help you to manage your project lifecycle, business operations, and sales forecasting with a single platform.

5 emerging trends in construction

Download this essential report to explore five industry trends that are impacting how work gets done and the need for technology to be part of the solution.

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Transform construction planning with a platform designed to bring diverse stakeholders and skillsets together. Document safety processes, use past data to improve bid accuracy, and achieve zero defects. The familiar interface of the Smartsheet platform makes it easy to get the whole team on-board to schedule, budget, and collaborate in real time.

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