From our powerful core features to cutting-edge advanced tools, Smartsheet elevates your ability to operate at your highest potential.


Essential features

  • Flexible and user-friendly interface for organizing and visualizing data. These views allow for efficient management and tracking of projects, enabling users to customize their data display and collaboration approach, facilitating efficient collaboration and project tracking.

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  • Build a branded, widget-based display that combines live data from sources like Google Docs, Tableau, and YouTube, ensuring you can share real-time information with stakeholders while maintaining the confidentiality of your data.

  • Streamline decision-making processes, Enable users to perform complex computations, link data across multiple sheets, and automate calculations with real-time updates.

  • Combine and filter sheet data to spotlight key details for clear insights and easy sharing, exporting, or dashboard integration to create comprehensive task lists.

  • Capture consistent, high-quality data for various needs such as requests, fieldwork, events, and feedback using branded, customizable forms with conditional logic that are easily embedded or shared and accessible on mobile in areas with low connectivity.

  • Enhance decision-making with customizable, auto-generated data visualizations, including burndown and time series charts, to reveal clear key data trends.

  • Strengthen team performance and enhance project execution by tracking workloads to identify availability, monitor tasks, and resolve over-allocations.

Templates to jumpstart your projects

Ready-made, customizable templates for effortless project setup and efficient task management.

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Leverage the power of AI to automate repetitive tasks, uncover valuable insights, and streamline your workflows.

Connectors and integrations

Boost productivity by connecting Smartsheet to popular cloud tools such as Google G-Suite, Office 365, Slack, DocuSign, etc., without constant app-switching. Unlock data from any systems you already use with premium features such as Data Shuttle.

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Team collaboration

Empower your teams to execute with speed, efficiency, and accountability.

  • Optimize the review cycle and centralize feedback. Request, gather, and manage input from stakeholders through an intuitive interface, enabling reviewers to pin comments directly onto specific areas of content, such as images or documents. Maintain version control, and track changes and feedback history for audit purposes and transparency.

  • Ensure collaborators both within and outside your organization have access to the most current version of your work. Control access levels, from viewing to full ownership, regardless of whether collaborators have a Smartsheet account. Even without signing in, published items can be viewed by anyone you share them with, streamlining collaboration and communication.

  • Upload a variety of file types, such as .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .docx, .pptx, .xlsx. Attach content from Brandfolder, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more. Add up to 100 files simultaneously. Attach files to individual rows to keep information in context, or attach them to the entire sheet.

  • Keep all stakeholders aligned, informed, and accountable, promoting efficient workflow and decision-making. Coordinate project tasks, clarify details, provide updates, and maintain a record of communications related to specific items in a sheet ensuring discussions are centralized and accessible.

  • Visualize your projects with customizable task management capabilities. Tailor your notification settings to prioritize key tasks and stay updated with in-app alerts so you can provide prompt responses to requests for updates or approvals. Enhance your awareness with mobile push notifications and emails, helping you focus on what's most important.

Security and enterprise controls

Streamlined management of user access, security settings, and billing details for efficient collaboration and project control.


Automate administrative tasks, apply security controls, and ensure company data is protected.

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Ensure administrators have the necessary tools to protect sensitive information.

Gain full control of access to your data with customer-managed encryption keys, stored and handled through Amazon Web Services Key Management System (AWS KMS). As a customer, you own and govern your encryption keys, giving you the power to configure, rotate, and completely revoke access to your company's data.

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Enhance document security and streamline the approval process.

Allow users to request and receive legally-binding signatures directly within their workflows. This secure method ensures authenticity and consent on documents, all while maintaining compliance and audit trails within the Smartsheet platform.

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Ensure only current, relevant data is stored in your Smartsheet account.

Provide robust security options, enabling organizations to manage the lifecycle of their content with precision. These controls allow administrators to set policies for retaining, archiving, and deleting data according to company security guidelines and regulatory requirements, ensuring sensitive information is protected and disposed of responsibly.

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Prevent confidential data from leaving your Smartsheet account.

System administrators can enforce company egress policies to regulate how external collaborators handle data, with the ability to restrict actions such as saving new copies, saving as templates, sending attachments, publishing, printing, and exporting. Should an external collaborator try to perform any of these restricted actions, they will be notified that the action is blocked in adherence to the company’s egress policies.

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Choose specific geographic locations where your data is stored and managed.

By selecting a data region, customers can ensure information resides in their preferred location, enhancing control over data sovereignty, and meeting regional compliance and policy requirements. This feature is particularly important for organizations with compliance requirements to keep data within certain national boundaries due to privacy laws and regulations. 

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See who made which changes and when, on sheets, reports, and dashboards.

Activity Log provides a detailed audit trail, capturing changes, access, and sharing activities related to sheets, reports, or dashboards, ensuring transparency and aiding in compliance and monitoring efforts.

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Enable centralized control over users, access privileges, and settings, simplifying the management of your organization's account.

Manage and audit user access, ownership, and activity.

Configure global security settings, such as account discovery, resource management, and personalized welcome screens. Define user roles, detailing specific permissions within the Smartsheet account, utilize automated user provisioning for seamless enterprise account integration, and customize account settings to tailor features and set working days according to organizational needs.

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Configure and manage your Smartsheet Account with ease from one location.

Navigate through User and Group Management, Usage Reports, and Enterprise Configuration Options. Monitor licensed users, group memberships, and accessible integrations. Enhance the visibility of security and account settings, offering recommendations to refine your account setup in alignment with Smartsheet best practices for optimized configuration.

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Manage and govern multiple plans while maintaining individual teams’ granular control over their plan and billing.

Optimize your organization's billing structures for flexibility and allow teams to integrate essential premium applications for their tasks. System Admins can authenticate all company domains, consolidate visibility of all existing plans under IT control, and establish a uniform SAML SSO login for all plans, ensuring that access can be globally revoked when an employee departs, streamlining administrative functions and enhancing security.

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Passive monitoring for deep insights into Smartsheet users and usage.

Streamline your security monitoring by exporting a comprehensive feed of over 100 Smartsheet event types—including object creation and deletion, group edits, workspace creation, downloads, and attachments—directly into dedicated CASB services. This includes seamless integrations with leading solutions such as McAfee MVISION and Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS), enhancing your visibility and control over your Smartsheet environment. Full list here.

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Gain valuable insights into the number and types of users engaged with your Smartsheet plan.

SysAdmins have effective oversight and account management with a clear, analytical view of how your organization utilizes Smartsheet. It provides metrics and trends on user engagement and feature adoption, helping you make informed decisions to optimize your plan's performance and maximize your return on investment.

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Premium features

These advanced tools include powerful integrations, increased automation, in-depth analytics, and heightened security options, tailored to meet the specialized needs of businesses seeking to elevate their project management and operational efficiency.







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