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Accurate and efficient alignment between leadership, sales, and operations

The Smartsheet Salesforce Connector helps you visualize your sales and pipeline data, make informed decisions, and coordinate your sales and implementation teams for efficient, successful delivery of your products and services.

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  • Create reports and dashboards in Smartsheet for more Salesforce visibility across your organization.

  • Smartsheet Salesforce connector

    Control the syncing of information — both one-way and two-way — between Salesforce and Smartsheet for each field (including the creation of new records), for better automated workflows.

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    Improve the process of customer delivery by quickly generating project assets with Salesforce data.

  • Reduce scope creep and duplicated requirement gathering by linking project plans with the information already gathered during the sales cycle.

Once we set up a project, the connector pushes its dates and other data to Salesforce and keeps them up to date, so our management and the rest of the company always knows where a project is at.

Emily Tam, Director of IT and Infrastructure, Borrego Solar Systems

Key benefits

Demand Management

Sales and pipeline reporting

Unlock visibility into Salesforce — and enable better data-driven decisions with reports and dashboards in Smartsheet.

Delivery alignment

Increase your process efficiency with automatic syncing between Smartsheet and Salesforce so you can accomplish more with your employees for smoother handoffs, quicker deal closes, and shorter projects.

Operational efficiency

Leave typos and copy/paste mistakes in the past with the Smartsheet Salesforce Connector and automate your processes with bi-directional (or one-way) syncing.

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