Focus on growth and development

Educational institutions use Smartsheet to bring together funding, planning, and people to create educational experiences that change lives.

  • Grant application and fulfillment tracking

    Track each application component and expense record, increase transparency around spending, and ensure that no deadline is missed or fund unused.

  • Events management

    Boost efficiency and streamline planning, increase stakeholder confidence, and get teams out of emails and spreadsheets with an intuitive platform adopted by all.

  • Student success

    Streamline campus tour intake and scheduling, seamlessly track attendance, and eliminate paper processes and redundant rework.

  • Course production

    Create visibility into production progress, streamline collaboration with instructional designers, and accelerate output.

  • Campus maintenance

    Quickly capture facilities issues, connect field staff with call centers, and improve campus safety and cleanliness.

  • IT infrastructure management

    Improve project tracking and program reporting, increase visibility to critical issues early, and streamline cross-departmental collaboration.

Smartsheet is now free for students.