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Key benefits

  • Resource Management people view screen

    Accelerate productivity by viewing who is available and what people are working on in one trusted place.

  • Resource Management capacity view screen

    Boost efficiency and prevent burnout by visualizing and balancing workloads across teams and individuals.

  • Resource Management people view panel

    Optimize project success with strategic alignment of people's skills, availability, and interests with project demands.

  • Resource Management time tracking screen

    Time tracking simplifies the logging and submission of work hours, providing project teams with essential data to enhance future project estimates.

  • Resource Management forecasting report screen

    Meet your team's evolving demands by proactively forecasting staffing needs, addressing skill gaps, and making strategic hiring decisions.

Enhance team performance and streamline project execution with workload tracking

Essential features to see who's available, what they're working on and to resolve overallocations.

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Adjustments to projects were happening every day and there was a lot of manual editing. With Resource Management, the PMs have more visibility into who’s allocated where, and where conflicts are. They immediately see the implications of their changes.

Chris Georgiou

Projects Administration Manager, Pro AV Solutions


Resource management involves the efficient organization and utilization of resources, focusing on both immediate and future needs. It includes identifying what people, tools, and materials are needed, scheduling them to avoid conflicts, and adjusting as needed. The goal is to ensure resource allocation supports successful project completion and achieves the broader business goals.

Pricing for Resource Management varies. Workload tracking features are included in Smartsheet Business and Enterprise plans. For additional features like capacity planning, time tracking, skill-based assignments, and reporting, you'll need to upgrade to Resource Management by Smartsheet, available for Business and Enterprise plans. The cost depends on the number of users. For detailed pricing, please contact us

Yes, Smartsheet supports the use of placeholders in resource management, allowing for flexible planning and forecasting of future resource needs. This enables you to allocate roles before identifying specific resources. Once determined, placeholders can be replaced with actual resource details. 

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Resource Management is equipped with a variety of pre-built reports designed to assist in analyzing and optimizing resource allocations. These include:

  • Time + Fees Reports: Provide insights into time spent on tasks and associated fees, helping manage billable and non-billable hours.
  • Expense Reports: Track expenses incurred across projects, offering a detailed view of financial outlays.
  • Budget Reports: Compare budgeted versus actual costs, aiding in financial planning and control.
  • Utilization Reports: Measure how effectively resources are being used, highlighting areas of over or under-utilization.

These reports are key tools for ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently, projects stay on budget, and overall resource utilization is maximized.

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No, your team does not need to track time to use Resource Management. 

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