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Go from tactical to value-driven program management

Your Enterprise Project Management Office is a strategic function that relies on collaboration, visibility, and value delivery. Harness the power of simplicity with a platform that helps align work with strategy, drive visibility and transparency, and deliver quick value at scale.

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Realize the highest goals of your organization, meet change with ease 

Ensure the programmatic delivery of strategic goals, innovation, and changes in structure, people, and technology. Use an adaptive platform to manage capacity, standardize and scale processes, identify risks, and demonstrate value.




in average annual savings by lowering the cost of change management with an adaptive platform.


of programs managed simultaneously by automating complex processes and workflows.


Increase in productivity by optimizing project work enterprise-wide.

Achieve higher program success through collaborative delivery

Balance structure and standardization with functional autonomy to ensure the buy-in of delivery teams. Empower teams to innovate and adopt hybrid workflows while standardizing them to achieve enterprise scale.

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    Ensure full visibility and transparency on how work is prioritized, the intended value, and how success is measured. Define risk indicators and continuously analyze data to identify potential risks.

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    Plan capacity and identify the right resources and skills needed to meet strategic goals. Balance workloads,  forecast hiring needs, and identify skills gaps to support effective planning.

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    Use in-platform communications and collaboration capabilities to support  change and effortless change communication to delivery teams. Prevent disruption by bringing predictability and control into how changes are managed.

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Use your organization’s strategic goals to define key performance indicators (KPIs) for your EPMO. Apply data aggregation and analytics to measure the effectiveness of strategic initiatives. Continuously optimize to achieve higher program success and value.

Use a unified platform that simplifies strategy alignment with people, processes, and projects. Align company objectives to projects and tasks and link these to individual performance and reward.

Automate the full project portfolio lifecycle, from work intake (even from third-party systems), prioritization, and approval workflows to tracking task dependencies and project creation. Reduce manual effort and allow teams to focus on value-added work.

Allow your program and initiative teams to create processes to suit the unique needs of individual change initiatives. Use a platform that can standardize these crowd-sourced processes and scale these for adoption across the entire organization to ensure consistency, progress and risk tracking, and reporting.

Focus on continuous communication so that all stakeholders up and down the value chain are fully aware of the change, the reason for change, and how it impacts their work. Use a platform that allows teams to collaborate with context and purpose.